Tweets for 2018-12-28

  • RT @soy_person: for the last time: it’s only amontillado if it’s from the montilla region of spain. anywhere else and it’s just a fino. i h… ->
  • RT @Cheerio_Buffet: Baby boomers: "I'm 62 years YOUNG!" "oh, I'm turning 21, for the 31st time!"

    Millennials: "I am incomprehensibly ancie… ->

  • Thanks Amazon ->
  • RT @Robert___Harris: Grateful to today’s Times obituary for this remarkable fact about Sister Wendy Beckett’s Oxford degree in English http… ->
  • @JamesHunt I mean I kind of enjoy the liturgical overlap and the image of baby Jesus hatching from an egg tomb, but… in reply to JamesHunt ->
  • Ok but if I am watching urbi et orbi on the youtubes, can I still get a plenary indulgence? ->
  • The commentary seems to suggest yes, but does it have to be watched live or is it ok on time delay? in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • Anyway it is time to crack open the Christmas selection box ->

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