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Photos, flickr and falbum

So I’ve spent bits of the day, on and off, fiddling with the layout trying it to get it to display my flickr photostream. I’ve managed to stick the flickr badge at the top with not too much trouble, but trying to get a page displayed that doesn’t look crap or is broken out of falbum still eludes me. At some point I guess, I’ll find a way to fix it.


What this is all about

So, finally caught up with moving all the reBlogged stuff into the right category instead of being “Uncategorised”. There won’t be much by the way of normal posting in this blog, as mainly it’s a place to display all my other blogging efforts around the net in one place.
Other than that I have no idea what else might go here. I’ll probably stick in various other feeds from non-blog places like flickr and, possibly some other places. Basically this is to aggregate stuff that I have a hand in and any future additions will be along those lines.

Oh. And a small sidenote, the reblogged stuff has wacky timestamps, so if you see something reblogged at like… 4am, it’s probably not the right time. Heh. As if I would be awake then.