Tweets for 2018-12-08

  • I think I need a space list ->
  • RT @NASAVoyager: Space is lovely, vast and deep
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I tweet,
    And miles to go before I twee… ->
  • RT @Kica333: [Logging into website]

    *Enters password*


    *Re-enters password*


    *Tries to reset password*

    New passwo… ->

  • RT @pjf: Reasons for always having a jar of vegemite in your survival kit:

    – Lasts forever
    – Easy umami flavouring
    – Good source of B-vita… ->

  • RT @historylvrsclub: A woman uses a hand cranked battery charger to charge her electric car. 1912. More images: htt… ->

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