Tweets for 2018-11-30

  • RT @Wheeler: I think it's clear that Chris Evans will no longer play the character in movies, but will in fact continue as Captain America… ->
  • My mum has bought both a halal chicken and a non-halal chicken ->
  • RT @Norsebysw: There's no magic spell that's going to make it all better. Believe me, it's not like I don't know where to look. https://t.c… ->
  • Now I am being tasked with opening all the jars for her ->
  • @Kavey well, the halal chicken because 2 of my cousins will be here for Sunday lunch but I'm not sure why we needed… in reply to Kavey ->
  • Now being quizzed on the relationship of grammes to kilogrammes on the weighing scale ->
  • RT @McKelvie: Oh man. ->
  • @RockLordsRock I don't think I want to introduce even the idea of that in reply to RockLordsRock ->
  • What if I just…watched Arrival again? ->

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