Tweets for 2020-01-15

  • One day I will learn where places in London are but today is not that day ->
  • RT @hungover_the: A friend once shared what she called the Parable of the Choir: A choir can sing a beautiful note impossibly long because… ->
  • Even when I am doing a solo, I have my choir buddy standing next to me waiting for me to elbow her to sing the midd… ->
  • It’s also my job to elbow the other alto when she goes a little off-piste.

    The other alto is also the designated S… in reply to herdivineshadow ->

  • RT @BillBailey: Apparently I’m trending and I’m not dead or have said anything terrible, so that’s something I guess ->
  • What I really want to eat right now is just like a giant piece of raw salmon but I would probably take raw beef as well ->
  • There is nothing in the house with the right texture to eat ->

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