Tweets for 2020-01-12

  • RT @tonightwefly7: Adam: “It’s the zombies and the way they treat the world. I just feel like all the sand’s at the bottom of the hourglass… ->
  • RT @MuseZack: Deep Space Nine: the best and most depressingly prophetic of the Star Trek shows. ->
  • RT @johncarlosbaez: Pluto’s moon Nix also rotates chaotically. You could spend a day on Nix where the sun rises in the east and sets in t… ->
  • RT @kawy: Robert Pattinson (bless him) has spent over a decade openly mocking the romance in his completed popular film series, & yet he ha… ->
  • @teh_nos lol that’s what I was thinking in reply to teh_nos ->
  • RT @Andy_Doe: This week, my firstborn asked me to teach him photoshop, which means we now have a lot of famous paintings with search and re… ->
  • @teh_nos were they supposed to be a cat person tho? in reply to teh_nos ->
  • @teh_nos anyway I want Due South/Doctor Who crossover fic in reply to teh_nos ->
  • @HSouthwellFE Until you clarified, I thought this was related to the 10th Kingdom and was like “I…don’t remember a fairy tale like that” in reply to HSouthwellFE ->

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