Tweets for 2018-04-14

  • Nice to see the local labour and conservative party people continue to not know the constituency boundaries for this area ->
  • On one hand, I am fine with the conservatives wasting time and money leafletting hundreds or people who can't vote for these candidates in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • On the other…their MP is really sinister looking and I don't like seeing photos of him in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • @adjaruli It is! Excellent choice. in reply to adjaruli ->
  • @sebpatrick I only buy tickets for films that I think I will like (or I am there with my mum and it is something I… in reply to sebpatrick ->
  • RT @EvansBeard: BULLSHIT. Like historians aren't curious. Or philosophers. Or writers. Or literally anyone else. ->
  • RT @mutablejoe: there was a young man from queen's park
    whose limericks got rather dark
    they started out fine
    but by the last line
    i will k… ->
  • RT @bizmarkiedesade: Remember how the people before us had it so good that a permanent job was like a form of earthly damnation? https://t.… ->
  • RT @jeffnoon: The necrocartographer works at night, sketching her charts of the underworld. She stares into the eyes of the recently dead,… ->
  • RT @gawanmac: I saw this on an OS map and couldn't not investigate. A place of worship symbol in the middle of bloody nowhere on the edge o… ->

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