Tweets for 2018-04-08

  • RT @jeffnoon: I follow the river from its source, down the hills to the lower towns, and onwards, to the capital. I lose it in the lands be… ->
  • RT @jeffnoon: her shadow is the heaviest portal

    studded with diamonds
    and stars

    #speedlit ->

  • RT @jessokfine: People always throwing cursed objects into the sea hello, no that is how you get haunted sharks ->
  • @HSouthwellFE this would only be more you if there was a picture of that cheese bread at the end in reply to HSouthwellFE ->
  • RT @christt: A big thing making me question the gov narrative of the (Russian?) nerve agent attack is how inept it was: rub poison on a doo… ->
  • @magpiewhale I don't think that the paint was violet :/ in reply to magpiewhale ->
  • Reminded once again that security questions relating to my mum's maiden name or that of her family members are the devil ->
  • I mean SURE most people can SPELL their mum's maiden name, but then MOST people's family all have the one surname spelt the same way ->
  • RT @RupertMyers: The UK doesn’t need a new political party as much as it needs a grand coalition of experienced politicians to act in the n… ->
  • @mstorilau <3 in reply to mstorilau ->
  • Anyway, today at church we were singing a hymn and sung the words "Trump from east to west shall wake the dead in n… ->
  • I say younger. That only means everyone under 45 in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • RT @girlziplocked: “Yeah well Medicare for All sounds nice but how are you going to pay for it?”

    “LOL by dangling three randomly selected… ->

  • RT @swearclock: Hit My Rump With A Tea Towel And Call Me Mr Motivator It's 11:30PM 🕦 ->

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