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What’s Your Number?

Last Thursday I went to the cinema and saw What’s Your Number?. Because Chris Evans brings teh lols. Also, he’s okay looking. And Captain America. And Johnny Storm. And that guy in that film with Keanu Reeves (Street Kings, which I URGE you to see).

He’s in a lot of films.

What’s Your Number? is a lot better than the trailers make it out to be. Yes, everything that I expected to happen (and probably that EVERYONE EVER expected) did happen – but it happened in a nice, fluffy, funny and non-annoying way. Anna Faris is ace. Chris Evans is ace. Martin Freeman is briefly ace. Other people, aside from Anna Faris’ friends but I suppose without them there would be no conflict, were ace.

Stuff happens in the trailer that… I don’t think ended up in the film, but in a good and less cringey way.

In the end though, I actually really want to visit Boston now. I suspect this is a nice, fluffy romcom that is in reality a big fat advert for the city of Boston. Boston looks cool. I could hang out there for a week. Or two! Although, I’d have to pick the timing of my visit carefully since wikipedia leads me to believe it can get very cold and too hot for my liking.

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