@rachelgeorge No need to apologise. Unless of course, you don’t plan to be at least moderately entertaining. in reply to rachelgeorge #
RT @cleolinda: Ye Olde Robin Hood Spy Photos of the Sheriff’s Men in Battle: #
ok. time to look into buying Sims 2 #
New Maxïmo Park arrived this morning. It’s made of awesome. Now […]

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You are just another thing that I have yet to fathom

Robin Hoodie is actually good this season. Rather than soley cracktastic. Not that only being cracktastic is a bad thing, but it’s just nice to have interesting storylines, vaaaguely sensemaking plots and fabulousness. 😀

In other news, being dizzy and generally defective seems to be the order of the day. Hopefully it’ll get better quickly because it’s damn annoying.

Randomly, Babylon A.D. is kind of a rubbish film, but at least it’s better than the Dark Angel film I watched last week.

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