another day is here and i am still alive

So last Saturday I went to see Star Trek and it was so awesome, I’ll be popping along to the cinema in about 20 minutes to see it again. 😀

For my birthday, I zipped off to Walsingham in Norfolk for the day and it was cool. Did the usual turning up at the Slipper Chapel bit before whizzing down to the Anglican Shrine. Had lunch at a restaurant called The Norfolk Riddle and zomg it was delicious. VVVV delicious. I heartily recommend it to all.

Then we pootled along to Wells-next-the-sea and actually made it down to the beach this time. It was very very windy. Very windy. Wind, if you recall, is the official weather of hate. At least it wasn’t sunny though. Hot and sunny would have been worse.

To round it off we had dinner at some seafood place in St Albans. That was delicious too. 😀

Yesterday, before the whole Eurovision extravaganza, we went to see Waiting for Godot. It was crackin’. 😀 Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan are like… the greatest double act ever.

Originally from her divine shadow on May 17, 2009, 8:50am