a camera rolling on her back

Someone familiar with reblog, my kingdom for someone familiar with reblog.


At the moment, it looks like just reinstalling the plugin won’t do anything, because the plugin in the new pack is pretty much the same as the old as far as i can see.

So it might be refeed that’s the problem. Or wordpress after all, that’s the issue.

I had been hoping it was refeed. But… looking at it, i suspect it’s just a problem with the new wordpress interacting with reblog.

So annoying.

I’m….hopefully going to fix the craziness that attempting to upgrade refeed has wrought. And if I can’t…well. I can always reinstall it. That is the beauty of rss feeds. And blogs. All the past stuff that I’ve reblogged is…well… all there already. I might get some duplication, but that can be fixed.

Alternatively, I just do what I’ve been doing and not try to fix it at all. Which is going back and changing the categories of my posts manually. Not ideal though.

Originally from her divine shadow on November 17, 2007, 1:47pm