over and over again

tonight…i think an attempt at seeing Beowulf will be made. and at some point, that other Beowulf film with gerard butler in it that was filmed in iceland.

because you know, Beowulf. yay.

and maybe at some point, i’ll get around to dyeing my hair again. theoretically, my hair is currently my natural colour. only i don’t know exactly what that is as i’ve not seen it properly in 11 years 😀

oh well. 😀

still itching to bleach it all and dye it pink. or something. nevermind. maybe i’ll just stick in a white chunk somewhere and lay off the actual dye.

i should, really, make a list of the stuff that i keep meaning to do and forgetting. including, making a list of things i keep meaning to do. heh.

Originally from her divine shadow on November 15, 2007, 11:38am