hier kommt die Sonne

So, it turns out that the bit of the Moselle Valley that I am visiting is in Germany. Which is handy. What with being able to speak German to a certain extent.

The only annoying thing is the speed of this computer and the werid message BANG in the middle of the screen.

That and the z being in the wrong place on the keyboard. Although at least with being a touch typist and switching the settings on the computer so that it thinks the keyboard is an american one… I can kind of get around it.

Aachen is an interesting place to visit should you ever get the chance.

In other unrelated news, if any of you have September’s issue of SFX, <lj user="yartek>'s website gets mentioned in the Ask the SFXperts section, He is demanding a scan of it from me. Though obviously with being in Germany…that's is rather difficult.

Originally from her divine shadow on September 24, 2007, 9:59am