it was a man from nowhere land that looked like you

I think I managed to figure out the whole cron thing enough that my fat-feed will automatically update every hour, which takes one step out.

Heh. It’s only taken a little over a year for me to actually get around to it.

The next step is to somehow fully automate the reBlog part of it so that I don’t have to press that badly placed button on my blog every so often to update the entries. This part, I suspect might be a bit harder. Unless there is some awesome wordpress hack that I have thus far failed to locate. I’m probably using the wrong plugin, but reblog has been ok so far. And if the thing can auto post every so often, then surely I can do something similar with this?


Heh. I don’t think any of you are that way geekily inclined.

Originally from her divine shadow on September 22, 2007, 6:27am