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My pinboard bookmarks for January 29th through February 8th

These are my links for January 29th through February 8th:

  • There and Snack Again: How to eat everything in Lord of the Rings | natecrowley – In February 2018, my wife & I decided to embark on a gruelling quest: to watch all three Lord of the Rings films (extended editions, of course), while attempting to eat everything that got eaten on screen. We were doing it in memory of my parents, who had both recently died, and who had loved both LOTR and good food. It blew up into a bit of a thing online, so we've decided to do it again this year (2019), starting at 6am on Saturday February 16th. And this time, we're inviting you to watch – and eat – along with us. In this article, I'll tell you all you need to know to follow in our footsteps: what to buy, how to prepare it, and when in the films to eat it.   
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  • 12 Rosaries for Vocations – Serra Spark Resources
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  • Newsletter Guide.org – We’re thinking of the guide as Newsletters 201—this isn’t an intro-level course. Section by section, it frames the activities and strategies required to elevate your newsletter to the next level by sharing best practices, examining what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.
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  • About | Buttondown – Buttondown is designed with one guiding principle above all others: it should be easy to send great emails. That's why we support Markdown, image uploads, link checking, and more all out of the box.
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  • Spirit of Serra on Vimeo – Video showing the history of Fr. Junipero Serra, and the mission of Serra International.

    A project of the USA Council of Serra International. Funded by a grant from Serra International Foundations.
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