Tweets for 2022-01-09

  • @holoroses Hard same. Like… did they not accept it in their hearts? Was there going to be a mystical safe bubble… in reply to holoroses ->
  • @roaratorio make a list of just the good stuff! in reply to roaratorio ->
  • RT @baddestmamajama: I am KICKING ASS and TAKING NAMES because i am the RECEPTIONIST at this DOJO please SIGN IN for your CLASS ->
  • Today I livestreamed a Mass where the priest asked that we pray for various people but qualified them by each of th… ->
  • RT @Botanygeek: MY BORNEAN GRANDMA: Ginger in cookies? What next, garlic?

    MY WELSH GRANDMA: So you are taking pudding flavour and frying i… ->

  • RT @steve_lieber: Y2K was 21 years ago. Looking back, I think the only thing we learned is that if a bunch people work really hard to stop… ->
  • Can’t decide if a marmite and crisps sandwich is a thing that genuinely enjoyed in a place or someone trolling online ->
  • I would eat it, but maybe I would add either mozzarella or banana in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • RT @adetheterrible: Here’s a story for you:

    I was involved in a cross promotion to bring an asset from one AAA game into another AAA game.… ->

  • @Botanygeek Ooh I should tell my Mum in reply to Botanygeek ->

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