Tweets for 2019-06-29

  • I think it's getting to that time when I finally go to the hairdresser to get them to chop all my hair off again ->
  • Although like, I have to resist while it's warm out because not being able to tie my hair up because it is too short is v bad ->
  • In other news, I think my neighbour is trying to set me up with his ex-girlfriend's son again ->
  • @tambourine i have attached a wet piece of kitchen towel to my forehead in an attempt to cool my brain in reply to tambourine ->

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Something broken about this

Yeah, I used the Hozier fanfic title generator for this post, what of it.

Anyway, overdoing it with online gaming coupled with a busy period at work has done a number on my RSI, so obviously here I am writing about it, using the very instrument of my downfall. It’s kind of a pain because (other than the obvious actual physical pain etc) I want to support what’s left of my alliance even though we’re kind of a bit scuppered by everyone getting kind of burnt out and there not being anyone who really wants to lead ops. Probably doesn’t help that when you do try to do some leader-stuff, no one really follows instructions.

So, no gaming. Watching stuff or reading stuff only. Got an appointment with the doctor, who’s probably just going to tell me the same as before. Wondering if I need to do something to make the muscles in my forearms stronger and then maybe this would happen less?

It’s kind of a downer since I socialise a lot online and this makes it difficult. The discomfort in my arms is kind of a downer on its own.

Maybe I should get arm-warmers.

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