meeemeeee timeeeee

the rules are as such:
say something to me, and i’ll pick out seven of your interests that i’d like to hear more information about or the story behind.

[info]static_nebulae picked:
  crushing the weak, hunter revenge, mindbreaking stuff, not sharing this interest, pixie-who-can-drive, poor dead spoiler, weird food combinations


crushing the weak: one day, when i was pondering my ongoing mission for universal domination, i had a bit of a ming the merciless moment. because mostly, i aspire towards being a benevolent dictator. and i looked out my window and squashed the heads of everyone i deemed to be weak.

it was fun. so i added it to my interests.

hunter revenge: I <3 AFI. Hunter is a member of AFI. He is the bassist. He is also awesome. This is his side project. And it sounds kind of like Prince in a way. or something.

mindbreaking stuff: I don’t do it so much anymore, mostly because people finally learnt not to click the links I im-ed them :D, but whenever i came across something that i knew would make people want to stab out their inner eye, i would send it to people. not everyone. just a select different few each time. because you know. you can’t have EVERYONE you know broken at once.

somehow, i seem to be immune to it all.

not sharing this interest:: back in the day. and it only seems like a short while ago, but i was looking at some old journals the other day and it’s like…. 4 years ago now, but there was MESPT. and i spotted this on someone’s userinfo and it was underlined and that amuse me. so i made sure it would stay underlined some more. and got some other interests that weren’t shared.

pixie-who-can-drive: for a while this interest was pixie-who-cannot-drive, but then she could. pixie is AWESOMECAKES and has the best hair.

poor dead spoiler: i…can’t even remember adding this one. i can only assume it’s either to do with a spoiler that got so spoiler that it died, harry potter EVERYONE DIES spoilers or some other spoiler-related deathness. i have a feeling it might be a dr who one.

weird food combinations: on… i think it was tuesday, i had rice, grated cheese, mashed egg and ketchup all mixed together. it was nice. i like eating whatever i can find in the house that satisfies whatever particular taste desire i have at that moment, no matter how it might taste together. banana, mashed potato, cheese and tuna is another good one. as is fish balls and chocolate cake.

mmm. fish balls and chocolate cake.

Originally from her divine shadow on October 6, 2007, 3:23am