Tweets for 2020-09-10

  • RT @caster800m: I will continue to fight for the human rights of female athletes, both on and off the track, until we can all run free the… ->
  • RT @SzMarsupial: i love how americans call it “birding” – straightforward, descriptive and a charming quite marked verbing of the noun. whe… ->
  • RT @YoungJean_Lee: Thanks to the amazing @HelenHjPark for brightening my day with these adorable photos of Korean grandmas that Vogue Korea… ->
  • RT @mondomascots: Here are lots of Japanese regional mascots dancing to “Call Me Maybe”. ->
  • RT @andreavbecker: I hate when people ask me “how do you feel your presentation went?”

    Excuse me I blacked out & astral projected the ent… ->

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