Tweets for 2020-04-15

  • RT @OwainWynEvans: When they said try working from home I didn’t realise they’d expect me to do the music too @BBCNews @BBCNWT #BBCNewsThem->
  • RT @loresjoberg: When I was first watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I thought it was ridiculous that an incredibly complex and sophi… ->
  • RT @allwrongthink: Color Out Of Space but it’s from the perspective of the Color, an injured and frightened bioforming construct that crash… ->
  • RT @Heike_Bauer: Woke up to news that Richard Branson is collecting money for NHS through Virgin Money Giving. Yes, that’s the RB whose Vir… ->
  • RT @Clnwlsh: The best ending to any writer’s interview ever?

    Paris Review asks Ray Bradbury about the origins of a character named Mr Elec… ->

  • Anyway I made a banana and nutella cake and my Mum’s like “you can share it with the neighbours” and yes it is toug… ->
  • …I guess the real question is “will there be any left tomorrow, by the time my Mum’s finished livestreaming Mass,… in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • RT @suchnerve: milkshakes are BANNED for the duration of quarantine because we simply cannot risk boys being brought to your yard ->

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