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Tired. So very tired.

Graduation was graduation. Estelle Morris was there being an honourary graduate.

Had tasty roast duck salad.

Visited old housemates.

And… some links:
Darkness is fast falling. Its raining like it will not stop. Will the rains wash away the blood? Will tomorrow be a new day. Here’s to lost lifes and broken dreams.

Atlas Gloves is a DIY physical interface for controlling 3D mapping applications like Google Earth.

Sillicone USB bracelet

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Judi Dench as a lobster and Ewan McGregor as a tomato = best advert ever

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As per hellypickles' request
As per [info]hellypickles‘ request

here is some spam.

But as I have nothing constructive to say, I have swiped a picture from

While I’m at it… here, have some music.

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well, don’t get lonely now

mmm Open University.

Heh. I think I’m going to do a few random courses. And then maybe see if I want to end up with some kind of extra degree.

Mmmm. NotComputerScience.

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i’ve never known you and i never will

“He always takes the 5.50 pm train to come home from work. He did the same on Tuesday. But he hasn’t come home,” he said.

:/ Reading about the bombings in Mumbai just makes me so sad. Really, I should stop reading and do something else, but gah. I should stop reading and figure out a way to do something constructive about it tomorrow.

In happier news I have comics on order. All thanks to Mr Branson. mmm Spiderman: India

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you were always so lost in the dark

Ow. Brain hurts.

However, it is [info]miri_me‘s birthday and she is probably…. 4 this year. Or was it 5 that you decided on? YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 😀

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the unavoidable kiss

Dreaming about eBay is very strange indeed and minorly disappointed when you wake up knowing that you’re not actually selling the stuff you were dreaming about selling for lots of money.

Vaguely been looking at jobs and stuff. I don’t really know what I want to do. Office minion is all I can come up with for the moment. Ultimately I want to do stuff that helps people.

Hmm. It’d probably be easier to get rid of some of my books on amazon marketplace rather than ebay. One day, I should go through my cds and sell the ones I no longer listen to.

Stuff to do and yet not stuff to do. Time to work on some kind of a list I think.

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The heatwave across England is set to continue, with temperatures possibly reaching 37C (99F) later in the week.

Eheheheh. It’s July in England. It should be raining, surely?

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if i should die this very moment

From Stuart Hughes’ blog:

My reports are starting to sound a little bit like the following:

“In the latest attacks, Israeli missiles targetted the Lebanese towns of Cif and Cilit Bang.”

I’m Barry Scott. BANG – and the city’s gone.

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Went over to Harrow to sign up with the temping agency that my Dad’s goddaughter works at. Even though they have a branch in Watford, only 2 miles away.

Did tests. And stuff. Apparently I type at about 66 words per minute.

Tonight… I think we’ll be taking advantage of Orange Wednesdays and going to the cinema. Probably to see the Lakehouse.

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