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there you are, angry with me

So today I went to church and we sang dissonant songs related to death and hope and the foe and stuff.

That was pretty much all I’ve done, apart from vacuuming downstairs. Later I’ll do upstairs.

Yesterday there was shopping and buying of stuff. One wickedcool black dress, a grey cardigan (i’m working on the basis that my mum can’t complain that I only ever seem to wear black if I wear only grey), much chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, stuff from Lush, a Winnie the Pooh advent calendar and Christmas tea. 😀 I figure I might as well spend the jobseekers money that… finally arrived after I got a job, on frivolous things and use it on Christmas stuff for my mum and dad.

On that note, actually, the whole Jobseekers Plus thing was wholly unhelpful. Going along at lunchtime every two weeks to sit around doing essentially nothing for a little over an hour is crazyunproductive. It’s like they thought I had nothing better to do (though yes I spent huge amounts of time online, I do that anyway what with my waking up early thing). So that was annoying. Time when I could have been sorting out lunch for my dad or making sure we had food for dinner in the evening or vacuuming or fixing stuff or cleaning or finding out obscure things that my mum wants to know about. Annoying. Yes. And it’s not like they actually helped me find a job anyway. I got told to apply for… 3 low-paid jobs that I was ludicrously overqualified for that wouldn’t have hired me because… I was ludicrously overqualified and they wouldn’t have wanted someone who would be looking for other jobs and likely to leave at any moment. And the looking in the newspaper thing never worked out for me because it was all stuff in London that was a bit too far away. Or in Surrey. So OMG READ THE NEWSPAPER EVERY DAY did nothing but make me annoyed at whoever was writing the articles for missing out information that I already knew about from reading about the same thing online.

Button clicking on the internet however = win + jobs. Also, takes all of two minutes.
</end rant>

Some time this week I think I should go to the cinema. Probably Wednesday. And then… on Friday I go away to an abbey near Wales.

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Yay for ickle peruvian nuns. 😀 Thanks [info]miss_corinne

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QotD: My Dream Address

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  Why? 
Submitted by abcdefg81.

I quite like living here in England, but if I had to pick somewhere else I guess it would be Malaysia. Pretty much for the food. Oh, and the rest of my family. 😀

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time won’t change the way i feel about you

Cate Blanchett
Liv Tyler
Nicole Kidman
Sandra Bullock
Angelina Jolie
Lucky Number Slevin
Joaquin Phoenix
The Transporter
Wentworth Miller

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So…Vox is working but Livejournal is down?

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Happy NaNoWriMo to all of you doing it this year! And Happy End of NaNoWriMo in advance of the end of November because I’m sure I’ll forget. 🙂

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In interesting and truly random news, Stephen King (yes, that Stephen King) is coming to my local Asda to sign books.

Also, I am making like… a thousand tiny flags. I shall conquer the world with them

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Something for NaNo-ers, word count widget. 😀

And also the amount of time you’ve got left to do those 50,000 words

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Dreams about previous house mates with emo haircuts going out for a curry with the cast of Prison Break, with a special appearance by [info]cave_gary (but with no emo haircut or curry as both would probably kill him) = teh funny.

In other news, my memory has turned to cheese.

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