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greatest idea ever

So there’s this vineyard in South Africa called Stormhoek. And they have this thing called “100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days“.

So at some conference in London, the president of Stormhoek, the guy that does the cartoons for the labels and a non-drinker get chatting. Eventually the idea is formed to have one of these geek dinners, sponsored by this wine company, hosted by this non-drinker. And the dinner may well be for non-drinkers too.


Also, yay cartoons

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ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, bananaphone

it is tempting to dress my phone up as a banana.

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fingertips have memories

LJ’s new notification thingy is great. Especially for keeping track of interesting posts and thier comments other than the ones that are in reply to your comments and stuff.


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Somehow I only seem to make new icons in batches of… a couple of hundred.


Anyway, more icons.

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i think of all the education that i missed

Today I acquired new black trousers and baked delicious, gooey, chocolate brownies. 😀

And also, more hair dye as where my hair used to be blue/pink/purple/whatever is turning lighter and lighter brown.

On a random note, what is your favourite cover song?

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Telephone bracelet for Alzheimer’s sufferers

A telephone bracelet has been developed by Orange and Medical Mobile for Alzheimer’s sufferers in France. It seems to be basically a watch containing GPS and mobile phone technology that keeps track of the patient and alerts the relevant people when they wander out of where they’re supposed to be – a bit similar to a system implemented in a nursing home that I read about except this would allow the patient out of a nursing home and down to a local shop perhaps rather than just confining them to the home. Plus there’s the added bonus of being able to talk to the person through the bracelet rather than having to peg it to wherever they are.

This is a really cool idea and could probably be used not just for Alzheimer’s patients, but for any vunerable person who might get confused and disoriented when out and about.

Via Popgadget

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Doctor Who’s next assistant named

Newcomer Freema Agyeman is to take over from Billie Piper in the third series of Doctor Who, it has been revealed.
Agyeman, 27, will play Martha Jones in the next run of the drama, due to start filming in Cardiff this summer.


I have to say, that I’m pretty excited about this new companion and at the prospect of next Christmas’ episode having no companion at all. Maybe Captain Jack will make an appearance…

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US government charges evacuees

According to a reader of Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, the US government is charging it’s citizens in Lebanon for the priviliege of being removed from that country and being left in Cyprus. Where they’ll have to sort out their own accomodation and flights back to the US.

Nice of them isn’t it. To be so concerned about their citizens that they are offering to remove them from a war zone for a FEE. Not like all those other governments who are already getting their citizens out for free.

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Blogging and working

How to blog – and keep your job

After reading that article, I started thinking about all the various bloggers who got sacked after their employers found out about their blogs.

How hard could it be to make sure that you didn’t mention your work? Or if you were talking about your work, not to mention names and place or any identifying features?

I don’t know. I’ve not yet been in the position where I’d be blogging about work. I don’t write about topics that I don’t want the world and her dog knowing about in any of my blogs (are blogs and livejournals the same thing?), and any vaguely sensitive topics… say pictures of my family (especially the younger members)… would go in a friends-locked livejournal post. That way, the audience is limited to a smaller group of people I don’t expect to be sharing the content with all and sundry.

So when I finally get some kind of job, or temping work, I guess I’ll get the chance to find out.

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Digital TV switchover

Digital switchover a mystery to many:

Analogue TV signals will start to be switched off in two years’ time, but a third of UK TV viewers are still unaware of the switchover.

A survey by Digital UK found that awareness has grown by 13 per cent since the launch of the Digit Al campaign, voiced by Little Britain star Matt Lucas.

But that still leaves one-third of people who have not heard about the digital switchover.

Perhaps surprisingly, awareness is highest among the 65-74 age group, and lowest among 16-24-year-olds, fewer than half of whom know about the switchover.

Could it be that the 16 to 24 age group watches the least tv and this is why they don’t know about the switchover? I know certainly that I (and I happen to fall in this particular age group) don’t watch anywhere near the amount of television I did ten years ago. It’s a combination of getting some sort of life, the internet being more interesting and television getting more rubbish. Every couple of days, I check out the tv guide to see if there’s anything I want to watch on. Generally, it boils down to “Is Doctor Who or programmes of a similar genre on?” or “Is a film I want to see on?”. And usually the answer is no.

Especially when the alternative is cheap dvds from, catching up with friends, fiddling with my websites (somehow I have accumulated a vast number) or reading a book (something that I somehow seem not to have as much time to do now). It’s not as if I download things to watch either – all I have downloaded is the entire series of Space:Above and Beyond which I’ve not been able to find on dvd and some episodes of Doctor Who, that I’ve already watched on tv and am waiting for cheaply priced dvds of.

So… I’ve not seen much of the tv advertising of this switchover… and I’ve not seen much in the way of other kinds of advertisements.

Another thing about this age group is that most of them could well be bogged down in exam and studying hell. At 16 I was doing my GCSES, at 17 AS-levels, 18 was A-levels and from then till just recently, my life was a marsh of university work and exam cramming. They have different priorities. Going out and seeing your mates rates far more highly than staying in and watch telly. On the other hand, the 65 to 74 age group could well be the group that stuck inside and have tv as a large source of contact with the outside world (I am being a bit pessimistic here). Faced with the loss of the primary source of entertainment and information, I think I would probably find out more about what was going on and how I could deal with it.

Eventually, I suppose, I’ll do something about sorting out Freeview for the house. However, there’s no urgency to it.

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