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Apparently, according to some guy trying to get people for some new website he is working for, I am a “highly respected member of the AFI fan community”. I suspect I got mailed because I own the AFI group over on and not because I have my own afi fansite, because people are lazy and using to find people to beta their site.

Apparently, this new website is an “interactive music news website” and is even “anticipated to quickly become the world’s most comprehensive music news website”. Random.

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What is wrong with me? I’m wearing a tshirt, a jumper and a hoodie (with hood up) and I’m pondering putting my dressing gown on and maybe some gloves. And maybe also hunting out a blanket for my legs. In fact, the fingerless gloves are right in the drawer next to me so they’re going on.


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mmm monkeys

Petition for Free Monkeys on the NHS

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but baby if you know what i mean

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Yay for comics arriving in the post. Also, yay Phonogram, which is the only one I’ve had the chance to read so far today. Mmm nostalgia. Seems to be a lot of that lately.

This evening… we went to see Black Book because my mum didn’t want to see a film that was on too late. Bah. Still, it was pretty good and it was interesting to hear the similarities between dutch and english and dutch and german.

Time for sleep.

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sometimes i forget i’m alive

The Smokin’ Aces Assassin game on Second Life is great, if incredibly incredibly laggy, especially when you’ve not got superfast internets. And everyone else seems to have prim hair. Heh. I’ll probably take another stab at killing people tomorrow morning when it might be a bit better.

Or at least, it probably won’t be worse. Hopefully.

In other news, Oriental City hasn’t been demolished yet. They’re probably waiting till after the uberprofitable time of chinese new year.

In other other news… I should make a list of films I want to see/see again. Stuff like Total Recall and Starship Troopers and The Matrix and… other films. And then there’s that other group of films that I’ve only ever seen the same bit of over and over and over – like Blade Runner. And then all those films that it’s not even occurred to me to watch. Or the ones I meant to check out when I was reading that book on film and various concepts that they demonstrated while I was writing that essay on what kind of an afterlife an AI would have.

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take a little walk to the edge of town

I finally made good use of my degree! I used what I learned to help redo my lj layout using S2 and code someone else had already written. Heh. πŸ˜€ It looks good in Opera and IE and really… Opera is all that matters for me. πŸ˜€

Now all that’s left to do is make a default icon that better matches the layout. Looks like I’ve found something to do tomorrow. Aside from the list of other things I’ve got planned.

Mmm. Mid-nineties nostalgia.

In Second Life assassin news, I’m not a very good assassin. I put it down to lag, slow reactions on my part and not finding anywhere good to camp yet. πŸ˜€ The lag is less earlier in the day… but at that time of day there aren’t so many people online for me to kill. If only more of the game-playing people were online and less of the non-gaming. Nevertheless, it’s still huge amounts of incompetent fun. Although, it’ll be over in a few days when the contest ends. πŸ™

In other news, after uh… nearly a year, I finally looked in the shed to see how all the books I put in there were doing and my insistence on plastic crates with lids seems to have paid off. They all look untouched by small mammals, rain and strange black goo that could well be pitch from fixing the holes in the roof. πŸ˜€ Now all I have to do is deal with the stuff in my room that I don’t want and then I can move the stuff from the shed that I do want indoors. πŸ˜€

What else? Nothing that I can think of and I don’t even have that niggling feeling that I have forgotten something. Woo. Go me.

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If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

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meme time

Does Not play well with others
Ooh, you’re a dark one. Sitting in the corner, singing to yourself, playing with matches and twitching. Most of the time you instinctively avoid company, and if you’re forced into close proximity, things do not go well. You can probably stop stabbing that teddybear now. It’s not going anywhere.
What’s your malfunction?

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1 TB harddrive!!

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