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Tonight… I baked sardine and onion thingies. Mmm tasty. Some time I have to get a new pair of gloves as the pair that I managed not to lose all through university are now no longer a pair. Which is mildly inconvenient.

The stuff I ordered for myself for christmas isn’t at the sorting office… it’s apparently at some random other post office that closes at lunchtime. After which my dad arrived at the post office. So maybe tomorrow.

Also, other stuff to remember. And things.

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something may be wrong on regula I

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Earlier I bought two shirts for £5.75. Tomorrow there is some kind of French market that my mum wants to go to, so I’ll probably be going along to that along with her. There was something else, but like usual I… can’t remember what it was. No matter. If I can’t remember, then it can’t be that important.

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it was a mistake from the start

Marvel at my culinary skills. Not only have I made more wacky sardine and onion pastries, I have baked chocolate chip cookies.

Although it’s not really cooking when the sardine and onion thingies involve opening a tin of sardines, chopping an onion and then rolling out the pre-done pastry I bought. And the cookies involved adding some butter and a bit of water. Not even an egg. Hee.

I like cooking, but ultimately I am lazy. 😀

Today I went to the cinema to see The Nativity Story. I am going to spoiler you all and tell you that OMG a baby gets born in it. Also it has Dr Bashir moonlighting as the angel Gabriel.

French market had actual french people. And food and jumpers.

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it is cheaper to send flowers to Malaysia than it is to Portugal.

Though I’m not that surprised.

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take me in, i want out, that’s all i need

My cunning plan of decorating the house for christmas by ordering a fully decorated tree online on Saturday and having it arrive today totally worked. Marvel at my laziness. It even has lights. 😀

In other news, I keep forgetting to open the doors on my advent calendar. I think I am more of an easter person than a christmas person. And I don’t even think it’s the chocolate motivation that does it, as my calendar has chocolate in it and that goes uneaten because I’ve…forgotten to open the doors.

That, and I see no reason why chocolate can only be eaten at certain times of year.

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ooh. Fog. 😀

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of genocide and suicide

[-] Not being able to find my copy of Constantine when I want to watch it

[-] Looking all over my room for it…

[+/-] …only for it to be in plain view with some of the rest of my dvds and just not seeing it

[+] £50 in M&S vouchers from work

[+] Green cake

[+] Tasty chinese food

[-] No suckling pig because one portion is too much for my mum and I

[+] Found something cool which I shall be posting to [info]serpent_sky. Once I locate that keyring.

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Stolen from all over:
1. Comment and I’ll pick one or two of your lj interests and make you an icon.
2. You have no say as to what I iconize.
3. If you feel like it, copy this meme into your journal for your f-list.

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And now… I go off to some monestry near wales. I’ll finish off the rest of the icons when I get back.

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