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Tweets for 2018-01-18

RT @MysteriousDrBex: In #2016, I interviewed #preppers #survivalists in #USA about #nuclear #risk pre #Trump. After #Hawaii, this approach… -> RT @RinChupeco: Me: Really excited about this Poe anthology I was asked to contribute for Hubby: Is he really that popular? Me: …uh, yes?… -> @drop_of_indigo I feel like how it says it [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-17

RT @Trillburne: Was Guy Fawkes hot? Well, by our standards, no. However, he was extremely religious and violent, which was the 17th century… -> RT @mutablejoe: what they don't tell you about giving up on your dreams is how relaxing it can be -> My mum has finally learned to ask me about messages people [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-16

Mum: "Is it cold or is it me?" Me: "Well, it's a bit chilly but I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts. So." -> She has also eaten all of the Tuc biscuits. in reply to herdivineshadow -> And also, I don't know why she asked me because I deliberately have my radiator set lower than [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-15

omg star trek -> RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word of the day: “slæpwerigne” – literally “sleep-weary”; meaning both “weary for lack of sleep” and “weary from sleep"… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-14

@growlery I guess we know where they stand on the rays v vs k divide… in reply to growlery -> @growlery ALSO like… how would google help them know what you are reading…? in reply to growlery -> @JamesHunt That's pretty much what I do on instagram and on twitter :/ in reply to JamesHunt [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-13

@daniel_barker -> RT @LoveNLunchmeat: Everything that doesn't kill you makes you Machiavellian as fuck. -> @HSouthwellFE After the first time I found myself sitting in a cinema during LFF realising I had not scheduled in f… in reply to HSouthwellFE -> @HSouthwellFE AND LIKE, my work [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-12

@tambourine I feel like you probably know this already maybe? but my Dad used to take iron along with vitamin C and… in reply to tambourine -> my mum's just exclaimed "OH IT'S AN HOUR" and hung up on one of her friends and now she is laughing and laughing to herself -> RT [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-11

Apparently I am not a good scratcher -> RT @zgryphon: SUBWAY PERSON: OK, I marked your roast beef "RB". ME: Heh. I didn't realize for YEARS that that's why it's called Arby's. SUB… -> @katbrown On the one hand maybe I am glad this person has moved, but maybe not that they have inflicted their [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-10

@tambourine I…don't think we covered her apart from maybe like a footnote to Queen Mary. I want to know about MATILDA in reply to tambourine -> RT @demarionunn: wow if you think virgin trains not stocking the mail is a blow for free speech wait until you hear about this city called… -> Link to [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-01-09

@grrlinterrupted Greatest in reply to grrlinterrupted -> Link to the original site [Continue]

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