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Tweets for 2018-02-18

My favourite film with nuns and nazis is on! -> (The Nun's Story) in reply to herdivineshadow -> RT @lulu_cheng: I got 99 tabs but I generally know where things are -> @daniel_barker sorcery in reply to daniel_barker -> Lol mum's watching the baftas and exclaiming how everyone got old and bald -> RT [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-17

RT @millie: -> @PaulMMCooper Same in reply to PaulMMCooper -> Ming-na Wen posted about her CNY hotpot party on instagram and now I want steamboat like burning -> Basically either I wait until 5pm and go to the one place near me that does it but has poor customer service (prob… [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-16

CNY + Black Panther = Winning -> RT @HuffPostUKPol: #ChineseNewYear should not be the only time you see East Asians in the mainstream media – @SarahOwen_ blogs… -> The greatest thing about finishing work early on Fridays is going to the cinema -> Omg Black Panther -> RT @mattdpearce: "IF I DIE IN THIS [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-13

RT @rachelle_mandik: "moon all gone! moon all gone!" is my toddler's terrifying new way of saying good morning -> I CAME HOME FROM WORK AND THERE WERE BOTH LEMON & SUGAR AND NUTELLA PANCAKES READY WAITING FOR ME -> @ErisLovesMovies they were so tasty, SO TASTY in reply to ErisLovesMovies -> RT @banditsnows: I can't [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-12

so it turns out boiled vegetarian frankfurters are really disappointing -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-11

RT @OlafurArnalds: -> RT @martijn_grooten: Ouch. The UK privacy regulator. (I've confirmed this. Site loads JavaScript from browsealoud.​com which is used to rea… -> RT @SirEviscerate: TIMMY: What's that, girl? LASSIE (echoing from the bottom of a well): *bark bark bark* TIMMY: You say you're aware [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-10

RT @brianbeutler: So, what he’s saying–hear me out–is that not standing up during a ceremonial event is one way to protest something unrela… -> @grrlinterrupted i am waiting for it to be on tv cos I enjoy looking at Cavill's face in reply to grrlinterrupted -> @grrlinterrupted I have seen photos! I feel like I [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-09

every now and then I wonder about if clever people use their powers for good -> in other news the subscription box i get keeps sending bronzer and highlighter and i am like no i do not need these… -> i constantly marvel at my coworkers who do foundation and eyebrows everyday because it [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-07

RT @cstross: Please note that @elonmusk 's roadster will NOT be the first electric car launched into space—it's the fourth!—but the other t… -> iplayer letting you watch from the beginning of a currently airing thing is the greatest for when you accidentally… -> @roaratorio hahaha I saw this and I [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-02-06

RT @SpaceX: Falcon Heavy test flight webcast is now live → -> RT @unnamedculprit: @SpaceX The fact they can get good quality live video from 4 separate spacecraft is ridiculous. -> RT @tweetsoutloud: What. #FalconHeavy -> Link to the original site [Continue]

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