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Tweets for 2019-02-08

@HSouthwellFE <3 in reply to HSouthwellFE -> RT @NewOnNetflixUK: Warning: Street Kings (2008) is only available until 15/02/2019 #LastChance -> Street Kings has Keanu Reeves AND Chris Evans and is great. -> RT @winningprotocol: i felt like russian doll was too good, like suspiciously good, so i checked the [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-02-06

RT @1001cranes: "If Centaurs were real, the bottom half would start walking around immediately after being born, while the top half would b… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-02-05

HAPPY NEW YEAR :D:D -> And thanks to me remembering on Sunday night, I have a new Frank Turner t-shirt to wear today. WINNING in reply to herdivineshadow -> RT @allontheboard: To “Suffer in Silence” means so much more to someone with #Tinnitus #YouAreNotAlone. Let’s share ways of managing this t… -> RT @FrogCroakley: On [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-02-03

RT @mmaarrow: If you are a fan of the opening scene from Contact where the camera pulls further and further away from Earth and we hear whi… -> RT @mmaarrow: …then I have a GORGEOUS website for you to explore: Click between Earth and 110 light years away. M… -> RT @garybernhardt: A surprising [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-02-02

My Mum's just asked me why I don't have any Chinese friends (although I would say her friends are my friends too) b… -> RT @simaenaga_bot: -> Vaguely related, there's a person at work who keeps addressing me by my manager's name and I can't tell if she has… [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-01-31

RT @Hello_Tailor: This week's podcast is about VELVET GOLDMINE! An all-time favorite for both myself and @MLDavies. -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-01-30

RT @iamdevloper: Marie Kondo: What is this? Me: Its called Jira Marie: Does it Spark Joy Me: Absolutely not Marie: Thank it, and then disc… -> time for a smoked salmon hot cross bun -> RT @notallbhas: found my true aesthetic: magical potato cat -> @NeoBokrug WELL I mean it's a smoked salmon and [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-01-27

RT @alianoree: My friend got married last month and her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses ALL HAD POCKETS. And yes, we did use them for s… -> @RockLordsRock I figure they were probably also a bit disappointed that Snoke didn't manage to defend himself with… in reply to RockLordsRock -> RT @mrdavidwhitley: [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-01-26

RT @JuliaAngwin: So.. Google will prevent ad-blockers other than AdBlockPlus from running in Chrome … …One day af… -> @hauntologies ok this was days ago but yes it has richard armitage doing one of the voices in reply to hauntologies -> RT @TheWoodenslurpy: Surgeon: You're a writer? I’ve written a [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-01-24

RT @simongerman600: Amazing digital art installation on the Galata Tower in #Istanbul in #Turkey. Hope nobody walked past the tower while o… -> RT @ComradeStitch: congratulations to @ihatejoelkim on unleashing the Weezer "No Scrubs" cover on the world -> Link to the original site [Continue]

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