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LJTalk is really cool

...and means I can post to livejournal using jabber. ehehehehe. [Continue]

i’m on fire, too hot to touch

Today I had delicious delicious roast dinner. And then... I had to nap for a bit. During which I dreamt about making chlorine gas in shot glasses. :D [Continue]


As much as I welcome the change in the weather, there's just something about hot weather turning into thunderstorms that doesn't agree with me. I spent this morning wandering about in a groggy daze (probably not helped by slight dehydration) and am now sitting here with the feeling of static up my nose. Bah.There was other stuff... but I don't [Continue]


ehehehehehe [Continue]


AHAHAHAHAHAAlthough... it's only really funny for a subset of people. Like most things. [Continue]


Went over to Harrow to sign up with the temping agency that my Dad's goddaughter works at. Even though they have a branch in Watford, only 2 miles away.Did tests. And stuff. Apparently I type at about 66 words per minute.Tonight... I think we'll be taking advantage of Orange Wednesdays and going to the cinema. Probably to see the Lakehouse. [Continue]

if i should die this very moment

From Stuart Hughes' blog:My reports are starting to sound a little bit like the following:"In the latest attacks, Israeli missiles targetted the Lebanese towns of Cif and Cilit Bang."I'm Barry Scott. BANG - and the city's gone. [Continue]


The heatwave across England is set to continue, with temperatures possibly reaching 37C (99F) later in the week.Eheheheh. It's July in England. It should be raining, surely? [Continue]

US government charges evacuees

According to a reader of Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, the US government is charging it’s citizens in Lebanon for the priviliege of being removed from that country and being left in Cyprus. Where they’ll have to sort out their own accomodation and flights back to the US. Nice of them isn’t it. To be so concerned about [Continue]

Doctor Who’s next assistant named

Doctor Who’s next assistant named

Newcomer Freema Agyeman is to take over from Billie Piper in the third series of Doctor Who, it has been revealed. Agyeman, 27, will play Martha Jones in the next run of the drama, due to start filming in Cardiff this summer. I have to say, that I’m pretty excited about this new companion and at the prospect of next Christmas’ [Continue]

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