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i think of all the education that i missed

Today I acquired new black trousers and baked delicious, gooey, chocolate brownies. :DAnd also, more hair dye as where my hair used to be blue/pink/purple/whatever is turning lighter and lighter brown. On a random note, what is your favourite cover song? [Continue]

the unavoidable kiss

Dreaming about eBay is very strange indeed and minorly disappointed when you wake up knowing that you're not actually selling the stuff you were dreaming about selling for lots of money.Vaguely been looking at jobs and stuff. I don't really know what I want to do. Office minion is all I can come up with for the moment. Ultimately I want to do [Continue]


Somehow I only seem to make new icons in batches of... a couple of hundred.O_oAnyway, more icons. [Continue]

you were always so lost in the dark

you were always so lost in the dark

Ow. Brain hurts.However, it is miri_me's birthday and she is probably.... 4 this year. Or was it 5 that you decided on? YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :D [Continue]

fingertips have memories

LJ's new notification thingy is great. Especially for keeping track of interesting posts and thier comments other than the ones that are in reply to your comments and stuff.Wooyay. [Continue]

i’ve never known you and i never will

"He always takes the 5.50 pm train to come home from work. He did the same on Tuesday. But he hasn't come home," he said.:/ Reading about the bombings in Mumbai just makes me so sad. Really, I should stop reading and do something else, but gah. I should stop reading and figure out a way to do something constructive about it tomorrow. In happier [Continue]


ehehering ring, ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, bananaphoneit is tempting to dress my phone up as a banana. [Continue]

well, don’t get lonely now

mmm Open University.Heh. I think I'm going to do a few random courses. And then maybe see if I want to end up with some kind of extra degree.Mmmm. NotComputerScience. [Continue]

greatest idea ever

So there's this vineyard in South Africa called Stormhoek. And they have this thing called "100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days".So at some conference in London, the president of Stormhoek, the guy that does the cartoons for the labels and a non-drinker get chatting. Eventually the idea is formed to have one of these geek dinners, sponsored by this wine [Continue]



As per hellypickles' request here is some spam. But as I have nothing constructive to say, I have swiped a picture from gapingvoid.comWhile I'm at it... here, have some music. [Continue]

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