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Tweets for 2019-04-27

I feel like Twitter should learn that my Top tweets are the ones that have most recently been tweeted -> RT @teh_nos: Since Irn Bru is made from girders it's the only recycled soft drink AND it's locally-produced so it's the most ethical drink… -> RT @McJesse: I took every shot from behind-the-scenes featurettes where [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-26

Anyway, Endgame was great and if you want to chat to someone about it without getting spoiled, talk to my Mum becau… -> RT @DxGGEAUX: hey "nice" manbun haha it fuckin sucks you hipster asshole [he turns around and reveals he is a samurai from the tokugawa sho… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-23

RT @arkadycosplay: This photo of Eowyn and Faramir’s never before seen wedding clothes that Miranda Otto posted today cured my depression a… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-22

RT @hillelogram: One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the l… -> RT @evanstache: BUCKY’S SHADOW WHERE STEVE IS..LET ME GO CRY -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-21

Watching the news and the newsreader asking their dude at the Vatican how the Easter Sunday mass is different with… -> Also p sure you can get an indulgence watching urbi et orbi on the telly and the youtubes but I'm still not clear on if it has to be live in reply to [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-20

is this the regular ice cream van come back for a second visit or some new interloper poaching the regular guy's route? -> RT @erik_kaars: "We had to kill the Vikings, bc they bathed and brushed their hair and our wives couldn't resist such sophistication" is a… -> RT @sol_se42: A Real Show: Ok but [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-18

@grrlinterrupted dooo itttt in reply to grrlinterrupted -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-17

Anyway we are singing this once again and let me tell you it is a lot easier to sing my solo alto line in the 4-par… -> in reply to herdivineshadow -> That Allegri fellow. The scamp. in reply to herdivineshadow -> I also blame Mozart for smuggling it out of the Vatican [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-13

@Kavey @BANGBANGOFH Same! and then we were heading towards the M1 and spotted you at the car dealership lol. We had… in reply to Kavey -> RT @HertsLibraries: #OnThisDay #HappyBirthday Guy Fawkes Catholic conspirator who was convicted in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliamen… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2019-04-11

yessss Predestination is on Sony Movie Channel at 9 -> Link to the original site [Continue]

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