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Tweets for 2018-11-12

RT @bex_bambi: boys who message me on instagram because they’ve seen me on tinder are not GDPR compliant -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-11

The thing I remember mostly about Remembrance Sunday, is that my Dad would never join us at Mass – he would have go… -> Today though, my Mum has been thinking about how she's never made so many hot drinks before, because my Dad used to… in reply to herdivineshadow -> And like, [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-10

RT @simaenaga_bot: -> That thing where you are thinking about how you are not actually religious, but then remember you go to church at l… -> RT @lilianedwards: Spotted on LinkedIn “I am planning to deliver GDPR training via the medium of contemporary dance workshops to be broad… -> [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-09

Tweets for 2018-11-09

RT @simaenaga_bot: -> RT @seneca: Soooo, a guy in Indiana made his horse an AT-AT costume, and now the horse loves the costume so much that he gets upset when th… -> RT @BBCR1: Things you normally forget: Your friends birthday Putting the bins out Talking to R2-D2 in Star Wars? The full interview… [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-05

RT @MaxFagin: November is here, and that means a massive shift is coming. And by "massive" I am of course referring to the redefinition of… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-04

@HSouthwellFE <3 in reply to HSouthwellFE -> RT @andrewsillett: Huge fan of the aggressive anti-photocopier rhetoric attached to this mass setting. -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-03

The worst thing is when you can hear the fireworks, but can't see them -> @teh_nos You're not supposed to put them on you though in reply to teh_nos -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-11-02

@grrlinterrupted <3 in reply to grrlinterrupted -> RT @davidmackau: remember Parker Curry, the toddler who was obsessed with @MichelleObama’s portrait? Her mom, Jessica, just sent me this… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-31

RT @MagicWeather: The light keeps dying and the rain grows colder and the air grows harder. Look for sunshine in your dreams, but beware: t… -> Link to the original site [Continue]


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