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Tweets for 2018-10-21

RT @HadleyFreeman: Your fertility does not “fall off a cliff” at 35. There isn’t, actually, much difference between a 29yr old’s chances of… -> RT @magpiewhale: Oh my god, the children are FUCKED, WHAT. "How did we get from 'fandom is a gift economy' to 'fandom should be part of the… -> Link to the [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-20

I have 6 films left and yesterday I saw @boybandfangirl_ and I still have too many feelings -> Anyway all the films I have seen this year have been pretty good -> And thanks past-Rachel for getting those aisle seats -> @RockLordsRock YOU LIVE in reply to RockLordsRock -> RT @_BensonHD_: These Limewire memes are [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-15

It sounds like a giant hose has just been turn on over my village -> RT @davidehrlich: my only advice is to marry someone who likes to leave parties at the same time that you do. -> hahah I think I dropped my mouse one too many times -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-14

@nickmurftweets Nice to see that this clickbait headline, that misrepresents what a motion that wasn't passed has e… in reply to nickmurftweets -> RT @R3dMotovilov: in ‘mamma mia’, the priest at the end appears to be anglican. in ‘mamma mia 2: here we go again!’ however, the priest app… -> RT [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-13

RT @AstroKatie: Quick reminder that you can curate your Twitter feed however you want. It’s not up to anyone else who you follow, or mute,… -> RT @dotBen: This is a real issue I've worried about for while: "So many people have had their DNA sequenced that they've put other people's… -> Link to the [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-12

RT @robinalexbaker: Part of the legacy of the hugely popular and influential THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII (1933) was cementing the notion… -> RT @FeministGriote: Why do we always boil down systemic issues to individual failures?My parents don't own Exxon Mobile or a fracking compa… -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-09

@tambourine Not quite same, but something similar. I've noticed that I'm spending a lot of time in Second Life in reply to tambourine -> RT @budgie: Every word of the thread below is true. I’ve told the story to various people over the years, but here’s the original, from th… -> Last night I dreamt [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-08

@jamesyuill THEY'RE GREAT omg also I think they are still a thing? in reply to jamesyuill -> RT @wawoodworth: dr frankenstein: it's alive dr frankenstein: speak monster: am i the product of peer reviewed research dr frankenstein:… -> @roaratorio <3 -> RT @Slippery_Jack: In today's BRAM [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-07

Tweets for 2018-10-07

Anyway I went to see Much Ado with an all female cast at @watfordpalace and it was GREAT and you should all go and see it -> Also, I just got 4 robot arms for my Second Life avatar so I am living my best 5-robot-handed virtual life -> RT @magical_grill: Hey. check in on [Continue]

Tweets for 2018-10-06

Yesssssssssssssssssssss my new ear plugs arrived -> RT @NaomiKyle: Beware, it is I… Ghost dog. -> RT @AthertonKD: Me, watching Revenge of the Sith in 2005: the thing where democracy ends thanks to dull speech from a senator of a minor pr… -> @daniel_barker might accidentally inhale a crisp? in reply to [Continue]

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