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Tweets for 2018-05-26

  • RT @SebDance: New bus needed.

    “Screw the NHS, let’s put £10bn into satellites that’ll take years longer and have less capability than the… ->

  • RT @fr3ino: Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts… ->
  • I ended up on some text only version of a website thanks to gdpr yesterday and friends it was great ->
  • @HSouthwellFE It's non-drowsy for me, but knocks my mum out so… in reply to HSouthwellFE ->
  • My phone only has a text only browser anyway. in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • I mean ok the method my phone used to access the internet is now obsolete but whatever in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • Literally the only people who've not updated me wth my privacy policy or any GDPR stuff are my phone network. Proba… ->
  • ..I AM GOING TO ASK THEM FOR ALL OF MY DATA. IN THE POST. in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • lol it says it may take 2 months if my request is complex. pretty sure GDPR says no to that idea. in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • RT @Hello_Tailor: just came across some concept art showing that steve rogers' kitchen table was a board over a bathtub, a wonderful 1940s… ->
  • RT @chaosbria: I don’t really want a Boba Fett film. I also don’t really want a Leia film. We already know about their origin stories. What… ->
  • Mum: "What are you watching?" Me: "The Phantom Menace" Mum: "Have I seen it?" Me: "Uhhh no? Dad & I saw it in Malay… ->
  • Me: ????????????? in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • Anyway my mum slept through less of Solo than she did of Deadpool 2 so that is yr hot take for the day ->
  • I'm watching Revenge of the Sith and like I know Anakin is a bit dim, but like son, why aren't u wondering why the… ->
  • I would watch a Chewbacca film ->
  • anyway I will always love Yoda's jedi pyjama jumpsuit ->
  • I would probably also watch an R2D2 film – he always seems to get up to some wacky hijinks ->
  • RT @Millstab: Some seriously unethical UX design from @tumblr – forcing anyone to untick 350+ boxes in order to prevent EACH INDIVIDUAL AD… ->

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