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Tweets for 2017-12-30

So is this Tarantino Star Trek film the one that explains where Chekov went? -> RT @MuseZack: You know we're in the bad timeline because Karl Urban & Olivia Thirlby haven't made 3 more Dredd/Judge Anderson movies. -> @Oog what kind of boiler do you have? and is it connected to that pipe? (not really [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-29

RT @cleolinda: Does no one even remember Strange Days anymore? That last scene is one of my favoritest movie kisses ever. YES GET YOUR HEAD… -> @grrlinterrupted you mean like blogging yeah? well I still have my LJ, I have dreamwidth and I use a self-hosted in… in reply to grrlinterrupted -> RT @RealSexyCyborg: [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-28

RT @ememess: Well, that was an interesting environment in which to discover that the child had covertly trained Siri on my phone to refer t… -> augh C flats -> @tambourine yessss in reply to tambourine -> Link to the original site [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-27

@OllieMogs I have been trying to think of one and failing but yes this. My shirt collar turned blue from my hair dye dripping in the rain in reply to OllieMogs -> Still full of feels about the Star War -> RT @PaulMMCooper: Going to make a series of horror movies about a mad geneticist [Continue]

My pinboard bookmarks for December 21st through December 28th

These are my links for December 21st through December 28th: BBC Food – Recipes – Roast duck breast with cherry sauce – tags: duck recipe recipes cherryjam cherry jam Roast Duck with Cherry Sauce | Recipes | Delia Online – tags: recipe recipes duck cherryjam cherry jam Pan Seared Duck Breasts with Jam-Infused Pan Sauce [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-26

@drop_of_indigo I've never seen it because we're always still eating when it's on… in reply to drop_of_indigo -> RT @SocialHistoryOx: Well since Jo Johnson has decided to ruin Boxing Day, let’s have a little think about this article in the Times. https… -> Best part of my annual christmas selection box is sharing it [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-25

"midnight" mass done, presents opened, sausage rolls eaten, suspiciously 5-year-old baby jesus put in the crib. yaa… -> Baby Jesus there, actually the same age as my Mum in reply to herdivineshadow -> RT @JimForonda: KIRBY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE -> @cantinera @rach_eva turkish [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-24

@tehsekritnos ask the Pope -> @tehsekritnos ask his swiss guard in reply to tehsekritnos -> @tehsekritnos they got english tho in reply to tehsekritnos -> RT @jrauser: My son's a little worried that Santa may skip our house because he was sometimes bad this year. I explained that Santa uses a… -> Yes yes I [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-23

Tweets for 2017-12-23

On tv, Ina Garten just asked why every recipe started with butter… -> @ErisLovesMovies Broccoli, cheese, chocolate selection box, um….doughnuts? in reply to ErisLovesMovies -> RT @kakapojayne: GUYS MY BUS JUST CHANGED DRIVERS AND THE NEW ONE BROUGHT A SANTA AND IS WEARING A COSTUME -> RT @SofieHagen: I [Continue]

Tweets for 2017-12-22

I want a black passport. -> @ErisLovesMovies …I was not aware that you worked for the postal service and had to deliver your own present. grr in reply to ErisLovesMovies -> WHO EVEN WANTS THIS RT @empiremagazine Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek has a writer: in [Continue]

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