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Tweets for 2013-07-01

  • “Leeway” by We Were Evergreen is my new jam. ♫ ->
  • @grrlinterrupted Would working at home one day on a regular basis help? in reply to grrlinterrupted ->
  • RT @Horseyfuture: Taurus: You meet a tall, dark stranger beneath a silvery moon. You immediately execute a spinning leg-sweep… http://t.c… ->
  • The odds of my being awake before my mum in the morning are… extremely slim. ->
  • Luckily, I have a tried and tested plan for this sort of occurence. :D ->
  • I don't think I'll ever top getting a wii & wii fit balance board into the house without my mum knowing. ->
  • Mostly because it involved waiting for 2 days when she randomly didn't pick me up from work to bring the boxes home on the train. ->
  • And then walking all the way around the back of the terrace so that she didn't see me with them when I approached the house. ->
  • Shoving the box under the sidegate and then walking all the way back round so she'd see me pass the living room window & go up the path ->
  • @kipoti It's kind of hilarious because his name rhymes with his wrongness in reply to kipoti ->
  • just about to rickroll everyone at mum's birthday kareoke ->
  • @RonniPudding OH MAN WE ATE SO MUCH OMG (it was aces) in reply to RonniPudding ->

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