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Tweets for 2013-07-29

Tweets for 2013-07-29

@MarkDoesStuff YES. YES IT IS. My heart exploded with joy when I saw it in reply to MarkDoesStuff -> @JADEDPUNKHULK The idea hasn't made him or his musical stylin's less attractive though… in reply to JADEDPUNKHULK -> @AliyaWhiteley Just pictured the best Morris dancing ever in reply to AliyaWhiteley -> @newloveletter [Continue]

My pinboard bookmarks for July 25th through July 30th

These are my links for July 25th through July 30th: Last Call: Google Reader Dies Monday, Here Are The Best Alternatives – TechSpot – tags: rss Best Google Reader Alternatives – 2013 RSS Readers – LAPTOP – tags: rss Discrimination on grounds of religious belief and/or political opinion – [Continue]