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Tweets for 2013-07-21

Tweets for 2013-07-21

RT @anatsuno: oof MT: Star Wars 7, JP4, Terminator 5, Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Bond 24, Fantastic Four, Pirates 5, Batman & Superman. All in on… -> @grrlinterrupted Hi Rachie! Drink water! Collect yr hangover remedies! Say hi to yr ham for me in reply to grrlinterrupted -> RT @SFXmagazine: "I'm gonna slice em, I'm gonna [Continue]

My pinboard bookmarks for June 30th through July 22nd

These are my links for June 30th through July 22nd: Cloud Flipper | – Cloud Flipper is a free service which which converts a SoundCloud personal dashboard or profile page into an RSS XML feed. The resulting URL, which consists of the Cloud Flipper URL + your SoundCloud URL, can then be subscribed to [Continue]