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another test

more testing [Continue]


testy mctest [Continue]

mmm fontsThis is possibly the greatest font site e…

mmm fontsThis is possibly the greatest font site ever. I've spent the last few minutes looking at every font on that site. They are...nifty and potentially very useful. :D [Continue]

mmm papacyWhat you didn’t know about the popes of …

mmm papacyWhat you didn't know about the popes of Rome. On the evening of Saturday April 2, 2005, after receiving the Rite of Extreme Unction, Pope John Paul II passed away. At this time his chamberlain would have gone to the papal hospital bed and asked the Bishop of Rome a question, "Are you dead?" There would be no reply from the [Continue]

Blogging, intelligent agents and final year projects

It's the time of year again where I get to choose a final year project. Again.I would have been doing the project in the last year but I kind of failed all my programming. Oops. So this year it is.The bonus however, is that I actually understand Java far better now and have a good grasp of Prolog. Plus, now I've had a whole year to browse through [Continue]

a year has come and goneThings that amuse me about…

a year has come and goneThings that amuse me about tabulas #232 - How the dates are utterly screwed up on the rss feed to my site. Currently Listening: Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe [Continue]

Things that amuse me about blogger # 293

*It's complete inability to tell how many posts I've made. [Continue]

More blogs.

Since I last posted, I have probably started two whole new blogs.What is it about blogs? Are they somehow addictive?I try to make sure that I post in them at least monthly, but is it so hard. I forget to. I can't think of what to write.I think the idea was, in the beginning at least, to think about things more, write more and learn to express [Continue]

To tell people you have a blog or not?

The question is, is it a good idea to let your project supervisor in on the blog you have to keep track of your project or not?The complete lack of substance there might suggest to him that yes, I've not done very much work, but on the other hand, if like me, you have a supervisor that's damn near impossible to arrange meetings with... it keeps [Continue]

tabulaswell, i paid for like.. a year and never ac…

tabulaswell, i paid for like.. a year and never actually used this account. so really there isn't any point to paying for more. livejournal for me is better. my friends are there, there is a great variety of communities.... and certainly this time last year tabulas was kind of confusing the only good thing is that it crossposts everywhere. [Continue]

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